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Double Rotation Magnetic Charger

No need to wait for hours with this double rotation magnetic charger! 

Featuring an all-angle rotation charger that gives your device the biggest boost and makes charging more convenient! It is designed with a 180 ° L-shaped and 360° magnetic head that lets you use your mobile even when charging. It provides you the perfect charging position that you want without obstructing your hands. Ideal for those who use their devices all the time and can’t wait for it to fully charge!  

It has a strong magnetic suction with a tear-free and pull-safe charging which prevents constant disconnection and loose cable. Simply insert the magnetic tip onto your device and it will automatically attach into the cable. Allowing you to have a 1 plug connection and removal every time. Our user-oriented charger has 3 types of adapter, perfect for all apple, android and type c users!

Don’t let charging hinders you from using your devices anymore!


  • Double Rotation Charger
    An innovative all-angle rotation charger, designed with a 180 L-shaped and 360° magnetic head.Allowing you to hold the phone comfortably without the cable obstructing your hands. Making charging more convenient even while gaming, chatting, browsing, watching videos and more! 
  • Strong Magnetic Absorption
    This magnetic charger offers you a tear-free and pull-safe charging experience.It has powerful built-in magnets that grip securely to your phone. Preventing loose charging, unintended disconnection.   
  • One Hand Operation
    The magnet-interfacealso helps you to have a one-hand charging operation.It provides a super strong magnet suction that automatically attaches onto the device in just a click. Simply insert the magnetic tip onto the phone port and it will instantly attract the cable. Allowing you to have an easy, 1 plug connection and removal every time. Ideal for drivers, elderly, handicapped, vision impaired and more possibilities.
  • Fast Charging
    This user-oriented charger delivers you an incredibly stable, fast charging experienceso you can power up your device in just a fraction of time! What’s more? It has a 3 type of adapter, suitable for all devices including apple, android and type c. 
  • Indicator Light
    The cable has a steady blue lighting designwhen you're charging and even on standby mode. Which helps you to locate the cord and your phone when it's dark.
  • Premium Quality
    Made of durable, flexible nylon braided cord with thicker copper core. Perfect for wear and tear that saves you from the stress of purchasing cables regularly.  


  • Material: Nylon braided cord, Copper core
  • Length: 2m
  • Color: Silver / Black / Red


  • 1 x  Double Rotation Magnetic Charger


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