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LED Emergency Road Flares

Many drivers struggle to see oncoming broken down vehicles whilst driving in the dark due to the   lack of illumination.

This can be solved by using LED Emergency Road Flares, which can be seen from long distances with various flashing light patterns.

LED Emergency Road Flares are battery powered with 10 different light output setting for maximum visibility.

Slimk Road Flares Safety Flares Beacon Flashing Disc

They can also be used to   help navigate your vehicle within an unlit area  such as a driveway, garage and much more. In terms of road flares, LED technology is taking over with a higher light output, better reliability and the fact that it can be recharged.

roadside safety, safety disc, LED flashlight


  • 10 different lighting modes
  • Shatterproof design
Slimk Road Flares Safety Flares Beacon Flashing Disc
  • Hanging hook stand and its magnetic
  • 15 LEDs that will run for up to 38 hours
Slimk Road Flares Safety Flares Beacon Flashing Disc
  • Floats in water and has a IP55 waterproof rating

    safety disc, roadside safety, auto safety, LED light


      • Size: 10cm (3.95") x 3.5cm (1.37")
      • Weight: 170g (6oz)
      • Powered by 3 AAA batteries
      • Shelf life: 10 years
      • Operating temperature: -40 to 100 °C (-40 to 212°F)
      • Flash Modes (User-Selectable) #1 - Rotate: 8 hours #2 - Quad flashes: 23 hours #3 - Single blink: 12 hours #4 - Alternating blinks: 4 hours #5 - SOS rescue (Morse code): 8 hours #6 - Steady on-high: 7 hours #7 - Steady on-low: 33 hours #8 - 4 LED Flashlights: 10 hours #9 - Top LED Flashlight: 10 hours
      Package includes:
      • 1 x LED Emergency Road Flares

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