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Healthy Growth Liquid Fertilizer

Find it hard to grow your plants?  This  Healthy Growth Liquid Fertilizer is the  solution for you!With the liquid form with the organic formula, it  propagates new plants effectively and enhance long-term health! It is an  all-purpose powder that can be used for water plants and soil plants.    

It integrates   90% organic compound  to   initiates rapid rooting  and supports   strong root growth  to establish new plants, trees, cuttings, seedlings, transplants & clones. The powder is   perfect for all kinds of rooted plants.


  • Rapid Rooting Fertilizer: 
    It contains   90% of the organic compound  includes plant nutrients, trace minerals, natural growth hormones and Naphthaleneacetic acid. They initiate  rapid rooting  to both   water and dry  plants.

  • Strong & Healthy Growth:
    The powder supports  strong and healthy growth  of plants  through all grow mediums  including Rockwool, coco, peat moss, soil, clay pellets etc.

  • Fit Hydroponics & Soil: 
    It is  great for plants growing in water or in soil. Hydroponics use - feeding ratio (10ml liquid : 1000ml water) / Soil Use (10ml liquid : 5000ml water) Nurture your plants once a week, then you are good to go.
    • Work For All Rooted Plants:
      The powder works for  all kinds of rooted plants  including vegetables, indoor & outdoor plants. It   promotes the survival rate  of transplanted plants and flourishes even in unfavourable weather.

      HOW TO USE:

      1. Dilute the liquid in the right ratio according to the plants type.
      2. Hydroponics -  10ml : 1000ml water.
      3. Soil-Based Plants - 10ml : 5000ml water. 
      4. Feed the plants once a week.

      • Volume: 38g / bottle


      • Liquid Fertilizer x 1
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