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Magnetic Magic Nail Polish

Magnetic Magic Nail Polishhelps you   create fancy and stylish nails  in a fun and easy way! With the   magnetic art pen, you can create   multiple special patterns in just few seconds.

It combines a few of your favorite things: polish, science, and making your nails look like precious gemstones
These magnetic flakies polish has large particle size and the colors are BOLD!! 😍🌈
With Magnetic Magic Nail Art Pen, you can create these beautiful styles  in a few minutes
  • Fancy Cat-Eye StyleThe nail gel has a special substance that will have magnetic reaction, it helps   create fancy cat-eye gradient style
  • Easy To UseIt is simple and   easy to use, just apply as normal nail gel.
  • Long-lastingThe nail polish gel is   long lasting  that can keep your fingers shine for weeks   without peeling off.  
  • Wide VariationsYou can   create millions of nail variations  with your creative mind! There are 6 colors in total, just create your own style.


    1. Apply one coat of your favourite magnetic polish
    2. When the polish is still wet, place the magnetic plate above your nail (do not touch the surface) for 15-30 seconds
    3. Repeat the same steps in 1 & 2 if you're layering more coats


        • Net Weight: 7 ml


        • 1 x Magnetic Magic Nail Polish  OR
        • 1 x Magnetic Magic Nail Art Pen
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