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Multi-function Double Headed Cleaner

Multi-function Double Headed Cleaner is the most versatile, efficient cleaning brush to r eplace other cleaning tools that clutter up your kitchen!
This cleaner is a double-sided kitchen tool with ultra soft bristle and sponge brush heads, enabling you to clean both sides of dirty utensils at once and clean any hard-to-reach place even the bottom of the skinniest or S-shaped containers.
The extendable design lets you fold it as a cleaning clip, and unfold it to open up to double its  length as an extra-long tool for your tallest containers.


  • Double headed Cleaning Brush
    Includes 1 outer cleaning bristle and two-sided sponge brush.

  • Simultaneously clean two sides of the same utensil.

  • Extendable
    Opens up to twice its length to reach the bottom of even the tallest containers.
  • 180 ° Flexible Brush Tip
    Adjusts to clean either curvy or flat surface.

  • A slim-line design to clean hard-to-reach areas.
  • Replaceable, anti-bacterial sponge pads on each end.
  • Squeezes Objects
    Squeezes utensils and other objects like a pair of tongs to move dirty items from one place to another without dropping or touching them.
  • Compact When Folded
  • Half the size when folded up to fit into most kitchen drawers, or easy to take to camping trip.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Material: PP Handle, Special Fiber
  • Size: 26 x 6cm


  • 1 x Multi-function Double Headed Cleaner

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