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Multi-function Pressing Food Chopper

The  Multi-function Pressing Food Chopper is an innovative kitchen tool that surprise you! With the smart design, it is time-saving for dicing and chopping.

So easy to use, just press up & down then your ingredients are chopped nicely and ready to cook.

It has a large food container that can hold various kinds of food at a time. Also, it is safe for hands without touching the sharp blade directly. The food chopper is made of durable ABS plastic which is easy to clean. Let's do smart cooking! 


  • Time-saving Chopping: The chopper provide quick choppingwith the sharp blade. It can save you time for meal preparation in just few seconds.

  • Easy To Use: It is easy to use, just keep pressing up and down, the ingredients are nicely chopped. 

  • Safe for Hands: It don't require direct access to the blade which is safe to use and it prevents any cutting accidents.

  • Easy to Clean: The chopper is easy to open up and clean. It just requires quick rinsing.

  • Wide Application: It can be used to prepare a wide variety of food such as vegetables, garlic or onion, etc. 

  • Materials: ABS Plastic / Stainless Steel
  • Size: 30cm X 6cm
  • Weight: 366g

  • 1 x Multi-function Pressing Food Chopper
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