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Nail Gel Dipping Powder

Nail Gel Dipping powder is a healthy alternative to gel nails and traditional acrylic nails.

It looks natural with impeccable shine. It contains calcium & vitamin for deep nourishmentwhile polishing your nails with glossy colors.

The gloss finish is  ultra-tough for daily wearcompared to traditional nail lacquer and gel polish.

  • Nourishes nail with rich Vitamin E & Calcium
  • Natural Dry and Long Lasting: Good for dip starter
  • No UV lamp is required
  • No damage to the nail bed
  • Strong & Durable
  • Non-toxic & Odor-free
  • Waterproof

  1. Apply a thin coat of base
  2. Dip the entire nail into bottle
  3. Brush off excess powder
  4. Repeat step 2-3 to achieve desired thickness
  5. Smooth and refine the surface with a buffer  
  6. Apply top coat


  • Material: Acrylic 
  • Capacity: 10ml
  • 1 x Nail Gel Dipping Powder
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