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Sparkle Hair Tinsel Extension Clips

A dds the  GLITTERY, CHARMING SPARKLES to your silky hairwithout dying or tying tinsels strand by strand.
Sparkle Hair Tinsel Extension Clipis a hair accessory  for girls of all ages - it  instantly adds sparkles and vivid color to your hair. Create either subtle shimmer for girlish style OR super sparkle for sexiness - depending on the amount of strands you applied! Perfect for parties, datings, events or even daily look.
With secure clips, you can wear the tinsels all day long without loosing or tangling. Unlike tie-in tinsel, it only takes a minute to place dozens of strands at a time - It's never been easier!

These tinsels are reusable & durable - Can be used for a one-day event or for a month of a dazzling new look!


  • Sparkle Like a Goddess
    Clip these  incredibly glossy, silky hair tinsels to spread the sparkles for perfect party, dating or even daily look! 

  • Wear in Different Styles
    Add a few glitter strands for subtle, incidentally shimmer or add a LOT for super sparkle! You can clip it & hide into your long hair, clip into a high ponytail, wrap around a bun or even weave into a pigtail.
  • Easy to Clip
    Simply tie entire tinsel hair strand & clip it on your head without hassle! With secure clips, no need to tie it with your own hair.  No more loosing strands & tangled tinsels!

  • Full-head Application
    Contains approx. 300 strands which is adequate for a full-head application. 
  • Restylable
    Can be further washed, dyed, curled or straightened. Also feel free to cut it for desirable hair length.
  • Match your Hair Color
    We offer  9 stunning colors for a perfect color mix with your own hair. Create a unique two-tone or even multi-color highlight hairstyle!

  • For Any Occasion
    Perfect for holidays, parties, music festivals, birthdays, nights out, weddings, and for those that love to sparkle every day!

  • High quality Materials
    Made of durable, non-toxic, chemical-free synthetic fibers. Won’t damage your hair.
  • Reusable
    Simply remove the clips and store it for the next use.


  • Material:  Heat-resistant synthetic fiber
  • Color: Holographic, Rainbow, Lavender, Pink, Red, Starry Blue, Green, gold,Silver
  • Length: 22 inches


  • 2 packs of Sparkle Hair Tinsel Extension (300 strands)
  • 4 x Hair Clips

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