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Waterproof Solder Seal Wire Connector (50PCS)

Create soldered, waterproof connections for any wiring projects you have!

These   dual-walled connectors  are made with   polyolefin and hot melt adhesive  which gives an   advanced waterproof performance.  It amazingly provides a   strong, long-lasting hold  even through the toughest rain! No need to worry about any water damage and wire corrosion anymore. Suitable  for marines,  automotivecs, aircrafts, scientific projects, home wiring and more possibilities!

A 1-step process  for soldering and sealing all your connections while eliminating the need for a   crimping tool  and a soldering iron. Simplifying the task of attaching wires together.   Perfect for both professionals and those without electrical background.  All you have to do is to insert the wire into the tube, connect, position it, apply heat and you’re done!

An easy solution to effectively connect all your stripped wire together without any crimping tools!


  • Beginner Friendly
    A 1-step process  for soldering and sealing all your connections! Simply insert the first wire into the sleeves and connect it with the other wire, position it, apply heat and you’re done. No need for crimp tools or other soldering machines!   Saving you your time and money  while providing a professional result with ease.
  • Waterproof Connection
    It has a   unique dual-walled design tubing  that effectively   improves waterproof and seal performance  of the solder connectors. Made with   polyolefin tubing  on the outside and hot melt adhesive inside to   ensure safety and prevent wire corrosion.  No need to worry about water damage! Suitable   for working on boat, vehicle, home or other scientific wiring projects.
  • Transparent Sleeves
    It has a translucent sleeve tubing that allows a precise inspection and perfect for inserting your wires.

  • Color-Coded Tube
    50pcs of reliable color-coded connectors  for easy identification! It comes in   4 colors  that have different wire ranges so you can measure your wire and choose the right tube with ease.
  • Wide Application
    These solder seal connectors are specifically designed to be used in various applications. Suitable   for marines, automotivecs, aircrafts, scientific projects, home wiring and more possibilities!
  • Premium Quality
    Made of   high-quality   polyolefin and low-temperature solder sleeve  with   thicker heat shrink tube  that prevents solder from melting through the insulation tubing. Featuring an advanced waterproof performance to protect wire from short circuit.  


    • Material: Tinned Copper
    • Colors & Size:
      • Red connector: Suit Cable / Wire Size 22-16 AWG 0.5-1.5mm2  
      • Blue connector: Suit Cable / Wire Size 16-12 AWG 1.5-2.5mm2  
      • Yellow connector: Suit Cable / Wire Size 12-10 AWG 4.0mm2 
      • White connector:  Suit Cable / Wire Size 26-24 AWG 0.25-0.34mm2


    • 23 x Red Connectors
    • 12 x Blue Connectors
    • 10 x White Connectors
    • 5 x Yellow Connectors
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